An Eventful Story...

How it all started...

In 1894 the small hotel „Brüesch am Platz“ with its 28 beds was introduced as one of the first accommodations of Tschiertschen and was run by Sebastian Brüesch-Sprecher (1859 – 1947) together with his wife Dorothea. Likewise, his sister Ursula Brüesch ran a small guesthouse in a farmer’s lodge right below the church, which bore the name „Bhüet di Gott vom Urschali“.


In 1912 the farmer’s lodge as well as the nearby stable were transformed into Hotel Brüesch – today The Alpina Lodge – comprising 55 beds. Sebastian and Dorothea Brüesch ran the business besides agricultural activities. The former hotel „Brüesch am Platz“ now served as an accommodation for employees.


In 1932 the guesthouse „Brüesch“ run by Peter and Klärli Brüesch opened its doors from May - October. The charge for one bed night was Fr. 7-7.50. There existed a reading lounge as well as a covered veranda.


In 1951 bathrooms were included, in 1953 the veranda was renovated. Around 1961 Jürg Brüesch took over the management of his father’s hotel. The Dutch travel agency Eurotex rented the house during the summer months of the 60’s.


In 1966 the hotel was renovated again including the construction of a new terrasse.


In 1989 the accommodation was acquired by Erika and Alfred Rufer. The relabelled „Hotel Gürgaletsch“ comprised 36 beds, a bar as well as a dancing hall and a „Jägerstübli“.


In 2013 the entrepreneur Teo AH Khing acquired the hotel and leased it to Tobias Alderliesten.


In 2017 the Alpina Lodge was renovated again and subsequently incorporated into The Alpina Resort of Tschiertschen.